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Farewell to Sims 3

I was tagged by simmogen :]

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A sim inspired by Ursula from the Little Mermaid!
I’ve been wanting to do villain sims since foreverrr :D

She’s uploaded to the gallery- all of them will be when I make them!

I wanted to name a sim Kimber soooo here she is!

I uploaded her to the gallery if anyone is interested, I’m still not sure how it works exactly (a big reason I uploaded her, I wanted to test it!) but anyway my username is heatherehl :]

and i attempted Alfie as well…i’m thinking i’ll move her in with Eleanor someday :]

some replies :]

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Eleanor<3<3 How could I not?!

Eleanor<3<3 How could I not?!

well making male sims still sucks but i’m really happy with the way both of these guys came out!

they will probably be my testers, i always like to start with a couple :]

ts4 thoughts sort of

i’ve been lurking in the ts4 tag for a while (and my dash…i’ve been trying to get inspiration to play SOMETHINGG), and after seeing all of the glorious screenshots from the sims 4 gameplay, here are a couple of my opinions for anyone who will listen

1) the furniture looks a little like a fisher price dollhouse and i actually love it (truthfully i love the look of the entire game)
2) pregnant sims look atrocious

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i think i made a sim i&#8217;m happy with but idk if i can make it through a whole sim day

i think i made a sim i’m happy with but idk if i can make it through a whole sim day

i had to wipe my computer again because i accidentally deleted some driver and i couldn’t get online and it was a huge mess. i won’t be reinstalling ts3 but i did get the sims 2 ultimate collection so i might start playing that just to give myself something to do!