I don’t have a lot of time this weekend with a wedding to attend tonight and Easter tomorrow, so I’m going to post these guys quickly!

No CC or sliders are needed- all clothing/hair/makeup is either from the base game, EPs, or the store.

There are NO TOU for them, change anything you want and do anything you want with them! The only tiny thing I ask is that if you want to upload the sim you mold from them, please just credit me for making the base ;]


i tried to recreate Eleanor in ts2 but it’s hard…more specifically her nose is hard. a different skin would probably work. i think i did an okay job though!

Riley: White gold princess cut! Just what I wanted!

Ivan: Alright, maybe enough of the dancing? Let’s go back to my house instead.

Riley: Would it be inappropriate to move my hand lower?

Ivan: Don’t get ahead of yourself.

eeehhh i couldn’t think of anything interesting for them to do in riverview so here.

they did get caught making out at the theater, though. i didn’t get any pictures because i’m terrible at this

Riley: You’re in for a real treat today.

Ivan: Is it the history museum? I’ve been dying to go.
Riley: What? No. Wait- that’s a treat for you?

Ivan: Is this going to be a date?
Riley: Could be.

Riley: Hey, it’s me…I’m coming over today- I have a thing planned for us.
Ivan: A thing? What type of thing?
Riley: A surprise thing.

Ivan: I don’t like surprises.

They ended up getting along really well!