i can’t even tell you how bored i am with ts3.
i’m going to try ts2 for the thousandth time and maybe it’ll be a little more appealing now *shrug*

(i always did like ts2 sims better, they have such cute facial expressions!)

things escalated quickly

and add Maebe’s cute townie from way back when, Young Jae Sun. I will be calling him Jae though…since if I called him Young it would probably get confusing.

(when he married maebe, his name in the game will be Young Jae Young…)

starting with Maebe and Jinx (x)!

i decorated a house i popped into roaring heights for a new legacy. hopefully this will keep me busy until ts4!
there’s also an upstairs that i’m using for a ‘rec room’ for now.

i’m using this house by beatdoc16 :]

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i didn’t think i’d like the ‘legend’ trilogy but hot damn it was great
i’m glad it ended how it did…i’m apprehensive about trilogy endings now…thanks, allegiant.


Ok so I was really bored so I decided to draw Stella from simpops. I know the quality is horrid my scanner is broken so I had to use my ipod ಠ╭╮ಠ I’m going to go hide under a rock for several years now..

this is incredibleeee omg!! it came out so good, i love this!
ahsjkaksjk no one’s ever done something like this for me before thank you thank you thank you ;___;

"What have you done to me?"