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As he looked around, Vulodax couldn’t help but admire where he had ended up. Earth was no doubt one of everyone’s least favorite planets to end up on, but this place would turn it into the most sought after. No one on his home planet thought well of Earth; it was polluted not only with waste, but with humans. For a place that prides itself in tolerance, Vulodax’s home planet was hypocritical in that it would not accept any human of any kind.

Still looking around, he thought that if his kind could see this place, Earth would be much more sought after. The water was clear and the skies were a perfect pale blue. Palm trees rustled behind him as he stood on the sandy beach, and he wondered how he had received a punishment this wonderful. He was so interested in everything around him, that he didn’t realize he wasn’t alone until he heard the voice of a woman.

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