:’[ noooo

everyone is being so nice to Ellis since she was rejected by her future spouse

Evan: There are like, a million gnomes out there!

holy shit. where did the magician one even come from?

Evan is having a mid life crisis…but no mid life crisis wants! yaaay!

Abbot had a birthday, so here’s his YA->Dad makeover.
I can’t tell how Evan feels about it…good I think?

Evan: I smell dried frosting.

Eli grew into a teen, and skipped school to do it…

ah, the joys of teenhood

finally! and another possible heir, too! :]
thank you to all that helped, now I can freely use the apples/watermelons trick, yaaay

the final baby, Ellis Acree. Her traits are Absent Minded and Loves the Outdoors.

omg omg omg omg