i’m so uncomfortable today this whole thing is stressful and i have family in watertown and it’s my hometown and ugh. run on sentence ftw. so i’m gonna actually play today, maybe i can calm myself.

this is a thing i guess.
Alaina is an IF. joy.

I based him on that painting Lynx did :] i think he came out really adorable, though i’m biased

the second picture is him asking her to prom (as friends, of course ;])


Lynx dared Weevis to divide by zero, apparently he’s a daredevil so he did it….and caught on fire.

human!Bowie :]

I’ll actually be sending these two to boarding school. the house is too crowded.


Sloane: Here, take this potion…I can’t watch…

oh god i’m scared…why did i do this?
maybe it won’t be so bad this time.

Sloane: This is my friend, Bowie. Everyone thinks he’s creepy, but I don’t know…I can’t decide.

i haven’t let a toddler keep their IF in a while…so i’ll allow it this time.
will i regret this? yes. i know i will.